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For every employee in the company, especially for leaders, mastering soft skills is key. In our professional work, we often forget on the work related to the improvement of people’s management, communication, resolution of conflicts, negotiations, and decision-making skills. We offer tailor-made solutions to our business partners in choosing and developing personnel, searching for potential, developing the organisation, improving the competencies in man management, we also resolve problems with which they are faced in their organisation.

For almost 20 years we have been identifying, advising and educating people to become even better leaders and co-workers, to improve their excellence in communication and interpersonal relationships, to improve their sales skills, to work better in groups, to improve their teamwork, and thus to contribute to a more efficient organisation and realisation of its goals.

We are a company of organisational psychologists which offers advisory and psychological services to other companies, thus aiding in their development and resolution of problems related to human resources.

We resolve problems on the level of individuals, teams and the organisation itself. We strive to establish a human contact in the world of the ever increasing solitude and isolation.

Our team currently comprises of five psychologists and one medical doctor.

We are members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, the Chamber of Business Services of Slovenia - ZPSD. The Chamber is the member of FEACO (Federation Européenne des Associations de Conseils enOrganisation - European Federation of Management Consultancies Associations) and is organised in accordance with the principles and rules of the European Federation.


O. K. Consulting, družba za izobraževanje in transformacijski management d.o.o.

Celovška cesta 291, 1000 Ljubljana

Contact: Saša Bezek Mejaš, +386 (0)41 736 347

E-mail: okconsulting@okconsulting.si

Vat ID No.: SI74591355

Registration number: 1363085000


Celovška cesta 291, 1000 Ljubljana