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Nikolaj Mejaš
Bachelor of Psychology
Managing director
+386 1 500 10 80

Nikolaj holds a BA in Psychology and is a co-founder and director of O. K. Consulting. He works in the fields of recruiting and selection, carries out workshops and trainings in sales, communication, transformational management, organizational culture and individual coaching for managers. He has been working in consulting for over 25 years. His profes-sional approach is based on transactional analysis, cognitive psychology and neurolinguis-tic programming.  
Twice he was selected as one of the TOP 10 trainers in Slovenia.

His career started in the field of vocational guidance (Medobčinska skupnost za zaposlovan-je v Ljubljani). He then continued as a psychologist in the human resources service in the company Litostroj and then he took over the management of human resources at RTV Slo-venia. In 1999 he founded O. K. Consulting.
His hobby is shooting at flying targets (the TRAP discipline) and he has been the head of the Slovenian national team for many years. As head of the national team, he participated at the Olympic Games in Sydney (2000) and in London (2010).

His most commonly used methods are interactive workshops, role-playing games, trainings and practical exercises. He thinks that practical exercises, training and role-playing games are the most effective learning methods because they really help speed up the transfer of new knowledge into practice.

Željko is a medical doctor by profession and is the co-founder and director of projects at O. K. Consulting. In 1993 he moved from Dubrovnik in Croatia to Ljubljana. He is special-ised in counselling, coaching /individual and in groups/, training and workshops in the fields of organisational psychology, business and sport psychology.  His preferred field is emotional intelligence. He is also providing counselling services to special police units in demanding negotiations in crisis situations. Conflict management presentation
He was selected as one of the TOP 10 trainers in Slovenia.

Saša Bezek Mejaš
Bachelor of Psychology
+386 41  736 347​

She is the director of marketing and a procurator in O. K. Consulting.
The key areas of her work include support to staffing processes, sales and promotion strat-egies, collaboration in the realisation of workshops, as well as carrying out research in leadership, organisational culture, employee satisfaction, satisfaction of users of services and products, and the value of trademarks and products. She has vast practical experience in areas of marketing, promotion and public relations. She has worked in companies such as Iskra, Lek, Ilirija, and at the Podjetnik magazine.
Her hobbies include cycling and creating necklaces, and she is also enjoying her role as a grandmother of two grandchildren.

Sandi Kofol
Bachelor of Psychology
Lecturer and psychotherapist
386 41 975 195

Sandi has fifteen years of experience in areas of individual consultancy, coaching and con-ducting educational workshops. His virtues include an excellent analytical mind and a strong performance of education and training sessions in the area of business psychology. When he was still a senior at university, he began with the additional training with dr. Zoran Milivojević in transaction analysis and thus became a psychotherapist - transactional analyst. He also deals with sports psychology (psychological preparations of athletes - bowls, shooting flying targets, athletics and snowboarding). He is regularly attending addi-tional education sessions and international congresses. He also includes logosynthesis into his work, for which he attended additional training in the last couple of years. He was em-ployed in O. K. Consulting from 2004 to 2010, after which he went to Avtotehna VIS to try himself as a leader in practice. After about two years he returned to O. K. Consulting as a sole proprietor and became our regular colleague. He is also working in the area of per-sonal growth - individual and relationship counselling. His passions include sauna visits and he is also active in bowl games. He loves sport, the sea and travelling. He is happily married and has two children, son Tine and daughter Sara.
On the basis of the nomination of his workshop participants, Sandi has received the TOP 10 lecturers award.

Katarina Veselko
Bachelor of Psychology
Facilitator and coach
+386 30 611 711

Katarina wishes to co-design genuine transformation. She deems it important to be able to create environments in which people can surpass their own limitations and achieve their full potential. In the business world, her key values are courage, inspi-ration and integrity.
She is employed as a project manager in O. K. Consulting and works as a professional for the development of individuals, teams and organisations. She is the bearer of international NLP (neurolinguistic programming) certificates Praktik and Mojster Praktik and the ICF (International Coaching Federation) certificate NLP Coach. She is a consultant for transac-tional analysis and she also concluded the integrated training in psychodrama. She is the only one in Slovenia who has obtained the international licences of the Daring Way™, Ris-ing Strong™ and Dare to Lead™ programs of the American researcher dr. Brené Brown. She has been performing and teaching at the improvisation theatre for more than half her life, the skills of which she occasionally uses in managing workshops.
As project manager she is carrying out workshops in the areas of communication, sales, leadership, public speaking, performance, and creativity. Her area of work also includes the facilitation of team processes and group and individual coachings, the performance of various research works (organisational culture, leadership, enthusiasm, trademarks, etc), project work of introducing the competency model into companies and other organisa-tions. She can also train internal coaches in companies. In 2014 she received the young consultant of the year award from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and for years she has been working as a regular columnist for the magazine “Moje finance”, section “Psihologija denarja” (Psychology of Money).

Timotej Strnad
Master of Psychology
+386 51 441 590

During his studies, Timotej joined the O. K. Consulting team in the framework of his practi-cal training, where he quickly assumed the role of a psychodiagnostician and consulting psychologist. He plans and carries out psychodiagnostic testing, various staffing proce-dures and career consultancy. He is also responsible for carrying out trainings in the area of staff selection, improvement of employment possibilities and career orientation. Timotej has been studying transaction analysis under the world-renowned physician dr. Zoran Mil-ivojević for many years. He is currently tasked with the update of our corporate identity.

Timotej began his career path at fourteen years of age at Narodni dom Maribor (Maribor National Hall), first as a manual worker and stage assistant at the Lent Festival and later as a member of the festival’s organising committee where he is still active today. The project where he has been acting as an organiser for the past decade is called “Mladinin Oder” (The Youth Stage) at the Lent Festival. Thanks to his background in organising and attending the largest global festivals, his first full-time employment was in the Pristop advertisement agency, where he was an assistant in the Black Pony team for a year. Because the mandato-ry presence at lectures and practical classes at the faculty took too much of his time, he suspended the organisation of events in the company.
Timotej is clearly against mistakes and coercion in rigid systems, despite him having left the school system years ago.