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Become the leader,
people follow

»I’ve tried everything, but I still cannot move my co-workers!« is what we usually hear from capable and motivated leaders and employees of all levels. The formal leadership position in a company gives us the freedom to adopt important decisions. However, it is not a guarantee that we will be able to realise our vision.


How can you become a person that people will choose as their leader, regardless of your job position?


Develop essential people skills and unlock your potential

Our educational programs offer a dynamic, participant led approach to gaining and deepening skills that are anything but »soft«. They are the key to leading hard conversations, making tough decisions and dealing with difficult situations. You will not only gain a toolbox to improve your work performance, but also plenty of insights that will benefit your personal well-being.


Join our leadership and communication development programs and learn the things that really matter, but schools and jobs often fail to teach.


Place the right people to the right posts

It is not easy to find excellent employees. And once you do find them, it is not easy to keep them. At the same time, employees who do not contribute their share cost you dearly, regardless of whether they remain in the company or not.


How can you make sure in advance that you will find the right people for your company and place them to job positions where they can contribute the most?


Drive your organisation through a successful growth and development

The world is changing faster than ever before. Even large and successful organisations are faced with challenges which are new to you. The old methods will simply no longer work in a couple of years. And people are so reluctant to change! How can you transform your company into a modern organisation to which people will want to belong?


How can you realise those changes so that the vision will not remain just a desire, and values just empty words?


Create an efficient team that really sticks together

Most teams work great when they are successful or fighting against an outside foe. However, only few of them stick together when faced with internal problems, conflicts and failures. We all want to be part of a team where we can rely on them covering our backs when things get rough, and where there is a fair distribution of spoils when we are winning.


But only a few of us can be completely sure of that. How can you create a safe environment in your teams which offers the best possibilities for excellent results?


about us

O. K. Consulting

We are enhancing human potential.

For each employee in a company, especially for leaders, mastering soft skills is key. In our professional broadening we often forget about the work related to improving the management of people, communication, resolution of conflicts, negotiations, and decision-making. We offer tailor-made solutions to our clients in choosing and developing staff, seeking potentials, developing their organisation, and increasing the competencies of managing people. We also resolve problems you are faced with in your organisation.



Nikolaj Mejaš,

Managing director


1000 +

Participants of our leadership
schools and workshops

900 +

Happy clients

80 +

Finished selection procedures


Nikolaj Mejaš

Bachelor of Psychology

Education, recruitment, selection and employee development expert


Željko Ćurić


Education and leadership development expert


Saša Bezek Mejaš

Bachelor of Psychology

Marketing manager and procurator



Sandi Kofol

Bachelor of Psychology

Education and psychotherapy expert


Timotej Strnad

Master of Psychology

Psychodiagnostics expert



Anja Poznič

Master of Psychology

Research expert



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