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Personal Data Protection Policy

We will use your data exclusively for the purposes of notifying you of our education sessions/events and for notices related to our activity. The data will not be available to the public. We will protect the collected personal data inaccordance with ZVOP-1, ZVOP-2, ZPT-1B and GDPR.


1. Operator


Official company name:  O. K. Consulting d.o.o.

Registered office: Celovška cesta 291, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Responsible person in the company: Saša Bezek Mejaš, procurator

Authorised person for the protection of data in the company: Timotej Strnad

Contact data of the authorised person for the protection of data: O. K. Consulting d.o.o., Celovška cesta 291, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, T: +386 1 50010 80, E-mail:


2. Usage, scope and purpose of storage and processing


We store and process the personal data in order to maintain contact with our clients, for e-mail marketing purposes of our services, to promote sales, to profile clients in order to offer tailored content and products to clients via e-mail and on websites. When we send e-mails, we record the displays on the sites of recipients of such mails and clicks on links contained therein. For a better and targeted offer and for tailoring further messages, we process, analyse and profile the recorded data automatically and assess the interest shown by our clients who received such mails. On the basis of the recorded data and generated profiles, we do not perform automated decision-making processes.


For the purposes of sending notices via e-mail, we store:

  • the e-mail address,
  • name,
  • surname,
  • company,
  • telephone number,
  • gender.

We collect the personal data on the basis of explicit consent or the consent of individuals. We store such consents together with their content and the contentof the form through which they were acquired.


The following departments use the personal data:

  • marketing,
  • project management.


3. Transfer


We store the databases of personal data in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia and we do not transfer such databases to other countries.


4. Storage period


The personal data of individuals are stored until the revocation of consent fortheir storage and processing. Following the revocation of consent, we will immediately, efficiently and permanently delete the individual’s personal data.


In the event the above purposes due to which we store and process the personal data shall expire, we will immediately, efficiently and permanently delete the databases the purpose of which has expired.


The data regarding the display of received messages and clicks on links contained therein will be stored for another 12 months following the submission of such messages.


5. Rights of individuals (persons)


Each individual may request, at any time and for their data:

  • access,
  • correction,
  • full deletion,
  • transfer to another provider of related services,
  • suspension of the processing and storage or revocation of consent for the processing and storage of data, which must not have an impact on the legality of the processing which was carried out on the basis of the agreement or consent until its revocation.

If you would like our company to further process the personal data for the purpose which is not the purpose for which they were collected, we will provide information to the individual regarding the purpose and all further relevant information as given in this document prior to such further processing of personal data.


If an individual believes that we have violated their rights regarding the protection of their personal data, then such an individual may, at any time, file a complaint to the supervisory authority - Information Commissioner in the Republic of Slovenia:

Republic of Slovenia, Information Commissioner, Zaloška 59, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia,


We will do everything in our power to aid the individual in exercising their rights.


Legal Notice


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