Our services

Become the leader

School of
modern leadership

Leadership and communication skills for
professional and private life.


Wake up your potential.

Realization of
business goals

Skills, know-how and approach for
a successful tomorrow.

Educational programs

Professional business

Successful interpersonal communication skills and communication climate.


Communication with
difficult people

Recognizing the characteristics of difficult people, knowing the approach and interventions when communicating with them.


Emotional intelligence and
management of emotions 

Recognizing, processing and managing emotions. Empathy and metapathy.



Recognizing and managing stressful situations.


Self-confidence and
personal growth

Self-confidence and personal growth as important elements of success and satisfaction.

The right people for the right posts


Meet your (future) employees, what motivate them, what hinders them, and what are their potentials.

Staffing and
personnel procedures

With psychological testing, we produce advice on the best candidates for the published vacant job positions.

Development annual

Paint an objective picture of your work and performance as they are percieved by your colleagues.

Mentorship and development
of potentials

By employing a suitable candidate, we have only just begun the work with them.

Assessment of leaders and
employees under the 360° method

Paint an objective picture of your work and performance as they are percieved by your colleagues.


Sometimes, employees need to completely change their career path within an organisation in order to re-live again.

Organisational growth and development


Deep transformation of leadership, organisation and communication which does not remain a dead letter on paper.

Vision, mission
and values

Establishing and implementing the vision, mission and values, as well as strategy and goals.


Qualitative and quantitative research of the current organisational culture, climate, engagement, energy etc.

Teamwork and synergies


Specific solutions for your challenges.

Facilitation of
team processes

Workshops for the formation, development and successful functioning of a team.



Let your team find new solutions, revolutionary innovations that will represent an advantage over the competition.


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